Enhancing Durability and Aesthetics: The Shift to Injection-Molded Casing

From December 7th, all TKeys will be shipped with our upgraded device housing, an injection-molded plastic case crafted from PA12-Grilamid TR 90. This transition brings about several practical advantages, primarily in terms of durability and aesthetics.

Increased Durability:
The shift to injection-molded PA12 casing is grounded in the material’s known high impact resistance and toughness. This ensures a more robust protective layer, improving the device’s resilience to various stress factors such as wear and tear, accidental drops, and exposure to environmental conditions. This is especially true for the key chain holder, which has been shown to be fragile with the previous 3D-printed casing.

PA12 also boasts higher thermal resistance properties, ensuring the casing can withstand elevated temperatures without compromising its structural integrity.

Consistency in Quality:
Injection molding ensures a higher level of consistency in the manufacturing process. This results in uniformity across each casing, minimizing variations in dimensions and structural integrity.

Aesthetics Improvements:
The transparent nature of the TKey is kept, but a blasted injection mold in combination with Grilamid TR 90 gives a cleaner look. Users can visually appreciate the internal components, emphasizing the fact that it is Open Source.

In summary, the transition from SLA 3D printing to injection-molded casing is rooted in practical considerations such as increased durability, consistency in quality, and modest aesthetic improvements.