Get Started

You have got your TKey. Great!

The first thing you should do when you have received your TKey is to verify that it’s genuine.

A genuine TKey is:
– produced by Tillitis
– contains the same firmware as at the time of production, i.e. firmware has not been changed during the TKey’s life time.

You can run TKey Device Verification at any time to repeat the verification.


1. Download and run the TKey Device Verification Application to verify your TKey is genuine. Follow the instructions for the respective operating system on this page.

2. Start using TKey.
Download the TKey application you want to use. For instructions, click the supported applications and protocols listed below.

Supported Applications and Protocols

We are continuously working to support more applications and protocols.

In the table to the right, white checkmark with a green circle means the app is tested and works with this service. Grey circle means not yet released and/or tested.

Click on an app with green circle for detailed instructions on installation and how to use.