TKey Unlocked

NB: To develop apps for TKey, you don’t need a TKey Unlocked.

TKey Unlocked is intended for advanced users. There are two cases where a TKey Unlocked can be interesting for a user (a TKey Programmer is needed in both cases).

1 – Program and lock TKey Unlocked

This option gives the user full control of the TKey. Read in the Developer Handbook on how to go about to program TKey Unlocked. The procedure described in the Developer Handbook is the same as Tillitis procedure when TKey’s are produced.

The threat model described for TKey is also valid for TKey Unlocked, if the TKey Unlocked is programmed in a correct way and with the prerequisites described in the threat model.

2 – Experiment with TKey

This option is for users that want to Experiment with TKeys FPGA or Firmware. Instructions for how to program for experimentation purposes, please read the Developer Handbook.

Tech Sheet

Case: Injection molded
Material: PA12 – Grilamid TR 90
Color: Transparent, blasted.
Case: 3D printed (prior to December 7, 2023)
Resin: Formlabs Clear Resin (SLA)
Color: Translucent white.
PCB material: FR4
Connector: USB-C
Input voltage: 5V
Max current consumption: 100mA
Operating temperature: 0°C-40°C
Compliance: CE, FCC