Tillitis Shop Open!

The wait is finally over. Today we open Tillitis Shop and deliveries will start immediately. We ship from our office all working days (adhering Swedish bank holidays).

TKey is open source hardware and software USB security key. The unique design, enables functionality upgrade during the life time of the device simply by downloading new application software and thus upgrade your TKey with e.g. new cryptographic features. Buy hardware once and upgrade forever.

On top of all this a user can verify that the TKey is from Tillitis, and that it has not be modified during shipping. This verification is so easy to do that it can be done at will. Not just once when the TKey has been received, but over and over again. Supply chain security and device integrity combined, more important than ever.

We hope you will enjoy using the TKey as much as we have enjoyed developing it! We are committed to continued development. Welcome to engage with us at GitHub or send us a mail with your feedback.