GitHub SSH


Here you will learn how to use your TKey for SSH operations towards GitHub together with our app tkey-ssh-agent.

Installation and usage


Adding your public SSH key to your GitHub account

Note: Before proceeding, you must install tkey-ssh-agent on your device and generate a public SSH key, as described here.

  1. Follow the instructions on GitHub about how to connect to GitHub with SSH.
  2. Follow the instructions on GitHub about how to manage commit signature verification.

Testing your TKey for GitHub operations

  1. Enter a git command in your terminal that requires your permission. For example cloning a private repository. The status indicator on your TKey flashes green when a confirmation is needed.
    git clone<username>/<repository>.git
  2. Touch the touch sensor on your TKey to confirm the operation.


If you run into trouble with the SSH connection, the best place to start are:

  1.  Check out the troubleshooting guide.
  2. Make sure tkey-ssh-agent are running
  3. Make sure either the environment variable SSH_AUTH_SOCK or your SSH agent configuration is set. See our instructions over at TKey ssh-agent.