About Tillitis

Tillitis AB is a Swedish limited liability company spun-off from Mullvad VPN in 2022. We make the TKey – a new kind of hardware security key inspired by measured boot and DICE.

The TKey started as a research project at Mullvad VPN. Some of the early research questions were:

– What does a more trustworthy hardware trust anchor look like?
– What does a minimal and open source hardware Ed25519 signer look like?
– If the System Transparency project made its own hardware, what would it look like?
– What platform security concepts map well to System Transparency’s approach to provisioning and operation of servers?

The answer is Tillitis 🙂

The Team

Michael Cardell Widerkrantz, mcwork@OFTC,
Daniel Hansson, LinkedIn, GitHub,
Joachim Strömbergson, LinkedIn, GitHub
Fredrik Strömberg
Sasko Simonovski, LinkedIn, GitHub,